Steve Earle ~ Ben McCulloch

28 11 2008

banjofor several weeks now i have been mixing a musical at the theatre – You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown – which is both a lot of fun and, as always happens when i mix a show like this 8 or 9 times a week, a daily infusion of songs stuck in my head. the mitigating factor has been my iPod which i have lately been using not for beats and bleeps but for songs with words in them in order to have something different – and far less showtuney – in mind. so i will probably be sharing some of the favourites with you in the coming weeks, and frankly, in my library, a lot of this thing is somewhat dated, but worth revisiting anyway, and ranking must-have if you are unfamiliar. to wit:

as a brilliant musician and inspired storyteller, Steve Earle is certainly on par with the likes of Bob Dylan and Tom Waits, though he arguably hasn’t garnered the popular respect they’ve found. no doubt that he has earned it, and i suppose he holds instead a dedicated following of strong pride and quiet faith. if you haven’t listened to anything Earle since, say, Copperhead Road, or his version of the Waits tune/The Wire title track, Way Down In The Hole, then you are sorely missing out. and though he has many more recent releases, the present track is from 1997’s Train A Comin’ which has always been a very favourite of mine. it’s a record that strikes emotions and stomps your feet too.

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Phantom Cosmonaut ~ Gas Giant Flyover

26 11 2008

phantomthis is some delicious cerebral-ambient space techno to feed your groove.. a new project from our comrade Phantom Cosmonaut featuring samples of highly classified Soviet ops.. the truth is out.. uh. i mean, Phantom Cosmonaut doesn’t exist.

anyway save yourself a trip to Alpha Centauri and come check out Phantom Cosmonaut’s debut live PA this Saturday 29 November @ The Abbey, 989 College St @ Rusholme, 5 bucks [with others; more details on myspace]

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Database ~ Wetbleee

24 11 2008

databaseeeehere is some hot glitchy electro from Brazil.. i always have room for this kind of thing in my headphones. this is the sound of my ears smiling because they have a secret that nobody else knows.. it’s so secret that it’s not even something you can share in words. unless the words are chchz dooda gk doogk murumt tk googch chdoo dadoo dkdoo bvvrevre doo ch tiko gghhghghh.

falar electro como um nativo?

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Señor Coconut ~ Around The World

22 11 2008

senor-coconut-wincei think maybe Señor Coconut is some kind of total maniac. only he has a so much awesomeness that you can’t really tell, or maybe you just think it’s funny or neat or trivial or novelty or something, but COME ON! you cannot possibly tell me that this is not some very good times right here. i’m practically freaking out this is so fun.

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Ellen Allien ~ Ondu

17 11 2008

ellenallienokay so as you may have figured i am getting right back into the minimal these days after a long time with thick and fuzzy electro.. techno is my rock though; i always return to it and feel revived. Ellen Allien has always been a princess of techno to me and last spring’s BPC release Sool delivers it in tiny irresistable packages. this is the kind of music that made the heads ever drop the vowels: this my friends is the real mnml.

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TIga ~ Mind Dimension 2

13 11 2008

tiga-winceoh what? ..i can’t tell if this track is delightfully old school house or terrifyingly see-the-future. either way it is not what i have come to expect from Tiga and i say that enjoying all the starts and stops and old tricks and new twists all the way through..

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Max Tundra ~ Playboy

11 11 2008

max-tundrathis cover of the Hot Chip song was sent out as part of the band’s own mailout while Max Tundra opened for them on some recent tour dates..

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