Robert Pete Williams ~ Free Again

10 12 2008

rpwagaini looked for this record, originally recorded for Prestige Records in 1961, for many years, having had it loaned to me by a professor of mine while at school. between that prof and a harp-blowing friend i made during my brief residence in Ottawa, i was introduced to the whole world of the blues. all of the tapes i made of those records were long ago played right out, or left in a box of obsolete technologies. eventually i gave up the active search and was overjoyed last night to discover it all zipped up and ready for download at Blues Town.. and on a post almost a year old no less!

the son of Louisiana sharecroppers, Williams was jailed in 1956 for killing a man in a club (he claimed in self defense). he was discovered – and recorded – in Angola Penitentiary by Dr. Harry Oster and Richard Allen: ‘ethnomusicologists’ of the sort that really were ultimately responsible for the folk music explosion in the 60s (though they weren’t the only ones, by any means.)

as far as i’m concerned if you look up country blues in the dictionary, it should read something like: 1. Robert Pete Williams. 2. Sonny Terry. 3. Mississippi Fred McDowell. see also: Rev. Gary Davis.

DOWNLOAD Robert Pete Williams ~ Free Again

VISIT the illustrated RPW discography

BUY RPW records from Fat Possum Records and Arhoolie Records.

[via Blues Town]



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