Kelly Joe Phelps ~ Hattie’s Hat

28 03 2009

kjpWestern Bell, the new record from Kelly Joe Phelps, was released last week and i was pleasantly surprised at this latest offering. it is a different kind of front porch music than i expected; more like listening to him noodling around on his guitar than a collection of songs. not much for beginnings middles and ends, and Hattie’s Hat is just about as country blues as Western Bell gets. it’s closer to KJP’s jazz roots than to the stomp box and gin bottle slide flavour of his early work, and probably more string-virtuoso in a Bill Frisell way than anything else. i do miss the strength and wisdom of his smoky vocals but don’t get me wrong; none of this is a criticism. Western Bell is full of lovely sounds and easy feel..

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Clark ~ Gonk Roughage

25 03 2009

clarkChris Clark is back with a new record which covers a genre-defying scope of 6 tracks, sure to please his fans, from pure soundplay and found sounds to heavy basslines and freaktime dancefloor riddims, all crispy, crunchy and heavily filtered. there are elements of Growls Garden that visit the stylistic range of his previous records and yet still manage to travel the same rapid vector he rides.. always growing, always great new sounds and songs.. Chris Clark is one of the most remarkable producers of our time.

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Bill Frisell ~ Wildwood Flower

24 03 2009

frisellGuitar master Bill Frisell’s recent Best Of is a 100% guaranteed delight for your earballs. frankly there is not much more to be said about it but that.. if you haven’t heard his work yet then get this record!

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Salvador Darling, April 10

24 03 2009

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Voodoo Steam Boat ~ Hexed

20 03 2009

voodooSandy turned me on to where i have been starting my work day most mornings over the last couple of weeks. they’ve been giving lots of love to Vancouver’s Voodoo Steam Boat. this one starts out heavy on the dub then stomps a massive bassline down 4AM styles. it’s one of a couple of fresh tracks he’s got up in his MySpace player so head on over there and have a listen while you’re waiting for this one to land.

DOWNLOAD Voodoo Steam Boat ~ Hexed


Michael Jackson ~ Smooth Criminal (Telemitry Remix)

16 03 2009

smooth-criminal-2this dope remix has actually been out for a while but i have had a few requests for the MP3 following its appearance on the MySpace mix i posted a couple weeks back. Telemitry is building a name for himself on his thick remixes and i look forward to someday hearing what he does producing tracks of his own.. meantime keep up the good work!

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Prefuse 73 ~ Preparation’s Kids Choir

2 03 2009

prefuse73the next Prefuse 73 record, Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian, is slated for release on 14 April and – you guessed it – it has leaked to the internets. the cover art is a trip in itself but the 29 tracks included on the release make it all the more overwhelming at first glance.. no epic songs here, just one giant groove of little tracks made up in turn by a lot of tiny stop-start samples and super wide stereo field.. and all the other goods you might expect from P73; pretty vocal melodies and the like.

and props to Herren for recording to Ampex magnetic tape on this one; as an audio tech that holds a certain back-in-the-day appeal for me.

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