Thursday 2 July @ The Fringe Club

24 06 2009

fringe clubThe Toronto Fringe Festival takes over The Tranzac for 10 days of mayhem every summer and i usually end up DJing there, or the Soundsystem does, at least one night. invariably there is a series of noise complaints. this year i am booked to get the fuck up in that joint on Thursday 2 July and i have been enjoying putting together a 4 hour set of some of my favourite tracks new and old..

here’s one you might hear once everybody’s had a few of those crazy Quebecois beers they serve on tap at the Fringe Club. for my part, i will be drinking Red Needles which is my usual for the Festival. Bonkers!


Soundsystem: June 26 @ Salvador Darling

14 06 2009

salvador summer
indeed the last Friday of every month at Salvador Darling. this time around:

1030 – 1120 – josh
1120 – 1210 – sandy
1210 – 0100 – andrew
0100 – endo – zik

don’t sleep!

Soundsystem: Scene Not Herd Afterparty ~ June 19

12 06 2009


fellow Superfantastico Sandy is programming the Scene Not Herd screening for the Worldwide Short Film Fest once again (year six?! time flies!) and i think that it is also the Soundsystem’s sixth afterparty for the event. this time featuring DJs ZIK and SONA and it is – for those who know – at a new venue!

bigger image of the flyer here and more details and the hot lineup for the SNH screening at

Old Man Luedecke ~ Just Like A River

1 06 2009

old man luedeckewithin a matter of hours of having restrung my banjo for the first time in well over a year, i was given a copy of Old Man Luedecke’s new record, Proof Of Love, the act itself analagous of every event related to my banjo picking history. suffice to say that his pickin and frailin have been some encouragement to my rusty claw, and the present song is just the kind of thing my ears and mind get lost in over multiple rewinds, and just the way that springtime sounds to me these days. it also carries with it that certain happy-sad strength that somehow inhabits all my favourite blues and folk songs.. not that there was likely any doubt for the early Luedecke’s music, but i guess what i’m saying here is that the Old Man’s young for sounding already like one of the Greats. Definitely one to watch..

DOWNLOAD Old Man Luedecke ~ Just Like A River


BUY Proof of Love at the Black Hen Music online store.