Little Dragon ~ Never Never

31 08 2009


Little Dragon has a new record hitting the streets today in UK, on 8 September in North America. clearly the foursome have grown; it’s quite different from their self-titled debut. the dubby touches are gone and instead much of the record is reminiscient of 80s synth pop. (rest assured not in the production, however.) in any case, like the debut, Machine Dreams covers a wide range of musical territory.. this is not the kind of band that produces songs that all sound the same. there’s a real ride to be taken on here and with Yukimi Nagano’s voice guiding you there is never any doubt that the destination is a beautiful place.

DOWNLOAD Little Dragon ~ Never Never


BUY Machine Dreams at it is also available on LP! (note however that the amazon pricing is for the record as an import. Peacefrog Records reports having recently secured a North American distribution partnership which should bring Machine Dreams across the pond in October, hopefully at less inflated pricing.. perhaps worth looking into if you’re the type who still buys music on hardware. of course if not, the tracks are available at the iTunes store.)

Robyn feat. Snoop Dogg ~ Bum Like You (Remix)

29 08 2009

Robynokay this track was actually released last Fall (or even earlier) but it remained very completely overlooked in my downloads folder for all that time. too bad, because i feel like i’ve missed out on so much enjoyment. so i’ve pretty much listened to it about 1043 times in the last 3 days to catch up on all the awesomeness. Robyn’s had a good lot of press lately what with appearing on Jimmy Kimmel and work with Royksopp and with Yelle, and endless blog love. well she deserves it. and once again, Robyn delivers a pure pop delight. (and for the second time, does so with Snoop.)

DOWNLOAD Robyn feat. Snoop Dogg ~ Bum Like You (Remix)

VISIT and and and

BUY her self-titled album from Amazon.

Soundsystem: Salvador Darling, Friday

23 08 2009

salvador summer

this Friday we continue our monthlies at the lovely and intimate Salvador Darling:

1030 – sandy
1145 – zik
0100 – gav

we have been continually delighted by the turnout and the vibe so we hope to see you out for a drink, or to bounce the little dancefloor that could!

(check the event on facebook..)