Basement Jaxx ~ Twerk

25 09 2009

basement_jaxxBasement Jaxx dropped a new record earlier this week.. Scars is full of their immaculate production, pop hooks, and electro/house/breaks fusion. there’s some new stuff here, too; it’s not strictly same old same old. but it is definitely Basement Jaxx..

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Gui Boratto ~ I Feel Love

18 09 2009

i feel lovequick one today; from a new one-sided vinyl pressing on DSP Records, Brazilian producer Gui Boratto gets us with his elegant techno again.. if you haven’t already heard Take My Breath Away on Kompakt then check it out too!

DOWNLOAD Gui Boratto ~ I Feel Love


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Rodriguez Jr ~ Lila (Rodriguez Jr Bamako Mix)

14 09 2009

rodriguez-jr-tuning-07just over a year after the initial release of his Lila EP, Boxer Recordings has pressed a couple of remixes of one of the hottest tracks by one of the hottest producers these days.. this has been in super heavy rotation lately and i am entirely prepared to let it stay that way for a while.

DOWNLOAD Rodriguez Jr ~ Lila (Rodriguez Jr Bamako Mix)


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The Bloody Beetroots ~ It’s Better A DJ On 2 Turntables

9 09 2009

romboramaVenom-masked Italian duo The Bloody Beetroots made a name for themselves with a series of singles including this year’s dancefloor dynamo Warp 1.9 w/Steve Aoki, as well as by remixing the likes of Tiga, MSTRKRFT and many more. a few weeks ago the Beetroots released their first long play, Romborama. it is a hyperbole-powered arsenal of their signature buzzsaw electro rave musics, including some of the earlier singles. these are some seriously fucked up jams. i am LOVING it.

DOWNLOAD The Bloody Beetroots ~ It’s Better A DJ On 2 Turntables


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The Beatles ~ Blackbird

5 09 2009

beatles-stereo-box-setman it is friggin hard to pick which of the Fab Four’s songs to post in celebration of the upcoming stereo remasters box set. despite its official release on 09/09/09 the audio portion, at least, of the box set has (you guessed it) leaked, and in FLAC format. i haven’t come across any of the many making-of videos to be included in the box set, but as a relative newcomer to Beatles fandom – always more of a Stones guy, myself – i am happy enough with all these songs, now in stereo for the first time. at any rate, this is probably the first song that really got me feeling The Beatles, so why not start here?

DOWNLOAD The Beatles ~ Blackbird (transcoded to MP3 V0 from the FLAC leak.)


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Jay-Z ~ Hate (feat. Kanye West)

4 09 2009

jay-z-the-blueprint-3this is much more charts-friendly than i generally post but i have been in a heavily hip hop mood the last few weeks, and the highly anticipated and star-studded The Blueprint 3 hits record stores on 11 September and there has already been much written about it. there will be much much more – critical and controversial alike. for the moment, probably the most written thing is LEAK! ….so every fan the world over is freaking out either because they’ve been rockin it loud out their car windows since the full album spilled on 31 August or because they are losers who don’t know how to get it. whatever.. personally i am going to have to give it another listen. i am not convinced. this track, however, had me pretty quickly.

DOWNLOAD Jay-Z ~ Hate (feat. Kanye West)


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Calvin Harris ~ The Rain

1 09 2009

CalvinreadyCalvin Harris’ second album Ready For The Weekend was released across the pond two weeks ago now but won’t see North American shelves until 6 October. frankly i don’t think it’s worth the wait. his debut, I Created Disco, has maintained anthem- status frequent rotation since its release over two years past, but i’m not really feeling this one. if you like Deadmau5 more than i do then you might be into this more than i am. and sure there are tracks that will work a dancefloor – like this one – but if what you want is that saucy Rock n Roll Attitude then you’ll have to look elsewhere.

DOWNLOAD Calvin Harris ~ The Rain


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