Pierce Warnecke ~ Excision Of The Heart

21 10 2009

warneckethere are sythesizer delights to be found on Warnecke’s debut EP The Electronic Heart, released a couple of weeks ago now. this is music that sounds very deeply rooted in classic idm; warm melodies wrapped up in a tight bit of noise, you know? it’s good for you, like a colon cleanse for your ears, so get on this one.

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Mochipet ~ Get Your Whistle Wet

12 10 2009

get your dub weti hadn’t heard of Mochipet til this remix showed up in my inbox but i like what i’ve heard and respect the collaborators he’s worked with, so definitely worth some coverage here. i also like the way this track straddles genres so it’s pretty hard to nail down despite its fierce groove..

DOWNLOAD Mochipet ~ Get Your Whistle Wet (DJ Sep & Jason Short Dub Mix Featuring DJ Collage)

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Plaid ~ Dett

9 10 2009

warp20 (unheard) cquick one today to send you into the weekend.. in the last few weeks i was really getting back into old Plaid and now this.. i can’t even get enough of this delightful number, from the Warp20 box set’s Unheard portion.

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Leila ~ Vordhosbn

8 10 2009

warplast week marked the release of the long-anticipated Warp 20 box set and it is a colossus. Celebrating the groundbreaking label’s 20 years strong, it contains 2 CDs of crowdsourced best-of Warp singles, 2 CDs of Warp artists covering a favourite from the Warp catalogue, 3 10″ records of tracks previously unreleased on Warp, 1 CD of continuous mix (a la Blech or the more recent Listen Play Repeat) and 2 10″ records of 5 second loops for the heads to freak on.

admittedly i am just the kind of Reasonable People that this kind of thing is marketed to (i cast votes for the Chosen set) and which finds joy in every bit of it – even the stuff that is really inaccessible, as the releases sometimes has been. but even if you are not in this particular class there is some remarkable music here across so many genres it blows the mind.

case in point: this cover of one of the most powerful tracks from the 2001 Aphex Twin glitch masterwork, Drukqs, a double album which from cover to cover to cover is anthemic to a certain time in my life. my feeling upon hearing (many times repeated now) this version by Warp artist Leila is that of having come full circle: ironically enough it was on the previously mentioned Drukqs that i began to recognize the pure and simple beauty of the piano, so it seems all too fitting to hear Vordhosbn as Leila offers it on Recreated.

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DJ Hell ~ The DJ (feat. P. Diddy)

5 10 2009

hell300x300i started the draft for this track a few days before DJ Hell’s double CD Teufelswerk was released in North America last month and got so busy i pretty much forgot about it. now as it turns out there is a Beatport exclusive EP featuring some pretty dope remixes. play loud.

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