Mochipet ~ Get Your Whistle Wet

12 10 2009

get your dub weti hadn’t heard of Mochipet til this remix showed up in my inbox but i like what i’ve heard and respect the collaborators he’s worked with, so definitely worth some coverage here. i also like the way this track straddles genres so it’s pretty hard to nail down despite its fierce groove..

DOWNLOAD Mochipet ~ Get Your Whistle Wet (DJ Sep & Jason Short Dub Mix Featuring DJ Collage)


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Voodoo Steam Boat ~ Hexed

20 03 2009

voodooSandy turned me on to where i have been starting my work day most mornings over the last couple of weeks. they’ve been giving lots of love to Vancouver’s Voodoo Steam Boat. this one starts out heavy on the dub then stomps a massive bassline down 4AM styles. it’s one of a couple of fresh tracks he’s got up in his MySpace player so head on over there and have a listen while you’re waiting for this one to land.

DOWNLOAD Voodoo Steam Boat ~ Hexed


Harmonic 313 ~ Dirtbox

17 02 2009

what little i’ve heard from Harmonic 313 sits in a somewhat glitchy place between hiphop and downtempo but Mark Pritchard’s November 2008 Dirtbox EP has some visits into real heavy dubstep. new just this month is his LP When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence (Dirtbox is the first track on the list) and i am excited to give it a listen. check this one; it has been FREAKING ME OUT!

DOWNLOAD Harmonic 313 ~ Dirtbox

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