Fever Ray ~ If I Had A Heart

3 04 2009

feverrayFever Ray is the new project from The Knife’s Karin Elisabeth Dreijer Andersson. in fact it sounds entirely similar to mellower side of The Knife: vocal support by Olof Dreijer, heavily arpeggiated synths, dense pads, and the like. so far i have not been much impressed with the remixes i’ve heard, but the self-titled debut itself is a great record, and the second track, When I Grow Up, tickles.

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[via The Yellow Stereo]


Walter Meego ~ Forever

25 01 2009

meegohere is another one of those records i overlooked in 2008: Walter Meego’s pop powerhouse debut Voyager. their track Girls was hot in the blogosphere last summer – as well as a number of remixes – but i neglected to fetch the whole record until recently. it is warm and riffy pop with an electronic emphasis and makes for feeling good all day long.

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Max Tundra ~ Playboy

11 11 2008

max-tundrathis cover of the Hot Chip song was sent out as part of the band’s own mailout while Max Tundra opened for them on some recent tour dates..

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