Mochipet ~ Get Your Whistle Wet

12 10 2009

get your dub weti hadn’t heard of Mochipet til this remix showed up in my inbox but i like what i’ve heard and respect the collaborators he’s worked with, so definitely worth some coverage here. i also like the way this track straddles genres so it’s pretty hard to nail down despite its fierce groove..

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Clark ~ Gonk Roughage

25 03 2009

clarkChris Clark is back with a new record which covers a genre-defying scope of 6 tracks, sure to please his fans, from pure soundplay and found sounds to heavy basslines and freaktime dancefloor riddims, all crispy, crunchy and heavily filtered. there are elements of Growls Garden that visit the stylistic range of his previous records and yet still manage to travel the same rapid vector he rides.. always growing, always great new sounds and songs.. Chris Clark is one of the most remarkable producers of our time.

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Database ~ Wetbleee

24 11 2008

databaseeeehere is some hot glitchy electro from Brazil.. i always have room for this kind of thing in my headphones. this is the sound of my ears smiling because they have a secret that nobody else knows.. it’s so secret that it’s not even something you can share in words. unless the words are chchz dooda gk doogk murumt tk googch chdoo dadoo dkdoo bvvrevre doo ch tiko gghhghghh.

falar electro como um nativo?

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(via The Fast Life)