Jay-Z ~ Hate (feat. Kanye West)

4 09 2009

jay-z-the-blueprint-3this is much more charts-friendly than i generally post but i have been in a heavily hip hop mood the last few weeks, and the highly anticipated and star-studded The Blueprint 3 hits record stores on 11 September and there has already been much written about it. there will be much much more – critical and controversial alike. for the moment, probably the most written thing is LEAK! ….so every fan the world over is freaking out either because they’ve been rockin it loud out their car windows since the full album spilled on 31 August or because they are losers who don’t know how to get it. whatever.. personally i am going to have to give it another listen. i am not convinced. this track, however, had me pretty quickly.

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Luke Vibert ~ Wow! It’s Now!

22 01 2009

luke vibert ep two 12"Japan’s Soundofspeed Records produced a series of three 12″ EPs which were then released as a single CD which is a hot instrumental hip hop record with the top down and the hydraulics up.. funky horns sections, driving bass lines, tight 303 beats, and classic use of samples. this shit is crack.

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The Knux ~ Cappuccino Remix

17 12 2008

the-knuxRemind Me In 3 Days, the debut record from this New-Orleans-via-LA duo has some hot rhymes, some real catchy hooks, and plenty of good party feelings all around. (and i’m sure i wouldn’t be the first to say they remind me at times of Outkast.) but i must admit that by the time i get past a certain number of the songs i become tired of the witty back-and-forth, the ‘we’re hot bachelors and we’re gettin laid’ hype of it. there are some tracks which are certain killers but overall i’m just not sold. anyway Cappuccino was probably a hit brought round in large part by the hit TV show Entourage, and here is a remix of the best track on the record..

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