Gentleman Reg ~ You Can’t Get It Back

25 02 2009

gentlemanreg last summer i had the pleasure of mixing a Gentleman Reg show for the inaugural Summerworks Music Series and iirc this song was played. to be fair we had some troubles with the PA that night – i believe it may have even been the first night of the Series – and those troubles were at the expense of sound quality during Gentleman Reg’s set. he remained pleasant throughout, and what’s more, gave a solid performance to a loving audience, and thanked me for my work on his way out. anyway despite my own stresses at the time, it was one of the stronger sets i saw in a week of mixing bands and i became a fan. now Toronto local Gentleman Reg has a new record, Jet Black, out on a new label, Arts & Crafts, and it hit the stores yesterday. here’s a local artist worth supporting!

DOWNLOAD Gentleman Reg ~ You Can’t Take It Back


BUY Jet Black at the Arts & Crafts online store.