Kelly Joe Phelps ~ Hattie’s Hat

28 03 2009

kjpWestern Bell, the new record from Kelly Joe Phelps, was released last week and i was pleasantly surprised at this latest offering. it is a different kind of front porch music than i expected; more like listening to him noodling around on his guitar than a collection of songs. not much for beginnings middles and ends, and Hattie’s Hat is just about as country blues as Western Bell gets. it’s closer to KJP’s jazz roots than to the stomp box and gin bottle slide flavour of his early work, and probably more string-virtuoso in a Bill Frisell way than anything else. i do miss the strength and wisdom of his smoky vocals but don’t get me wrong; none of this is a criticism. Western Bell is full of lovely sounds and easy feel..

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Bill Frisell ~ Wildwood Flower

24 03 2009

frisellGuitar master Bill Frisell’s recent Best Of is a 100% guaranteed delight for your earballs. frankly there is not much more to be said about it but that.. if you haven’t heard his work yet then get this record!

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Señor Coconut ~ Around The World

22 11 2008

senor-coconut-wincei think maybe Señor Coconut is some kind of total maniac. only he has a so much awesomeness that you can’t really tell, or maybe you just think it’s funny or neat or trivial or novelty or something, but COME ON! you cannot possibly tell me that this is not some very good times right here. i’m practically freaking out this is so fun.

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Matthew Herbert Big Band ~ The Story (Edit)

31 10 2008

just a quick one today as it is very busy times putting in our next show at the theatre, but it is certainly worth flagging the fact that there is a new Matthew Herbert Big Band record out this week, There’s Me And There’s You. there is plenty to read about it at Stereogum and Pitchfork so i won’t rehash old material, but this is a real nice smoky blues bedroom-jazz version of The Story off the record.

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