Jake Fairley ~ Shapes

16 11 2009

10 years senderGerman label Sender marked their tenth anniversary a few weeks back with the release of a killer compilation from beginning to end. in fact it is one of only two releases i have been listening to since just before Halloween. (more on the other of them soon.)

i thought that Jake Fairley, like several other DJs and producers from back-in-the-day, had moved to Germany to plant roots in more fertile ground, but i may have been mistaken.. he might still be in Toronto. i’m curious about this, so if anybody knows one way or the other, drop a note in comments.

Shapes is on full automatic repeat and KILLING ME the last couple of days. the oscillator! the beat! the click! the claps! the pads! the bass! and that triple reverb dipped bit near the end? if i look up techno in the dictionary right now i’m pretty sure that this track is pictured. regardless of location roots are planted and growing and blossom thus..

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Swayzak ~ Mike Schmike

9 11 2009

reserieculturequick one as i have been altogether too busy to be blogging these days.. i can’t really find any information on their recent Re:Serieculture release so frankly i’m not even sure if it is legit. if it is, i so much enjoy what Swayzak is doing lately..

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Marco Carola ~ Drumming

4 05 2009

carolai don’t know how i missed out on Marco Carola until now but i have been getting into him so heavy since his great remix of Loco Dice’s M Train to Brooklyn. as a producer i have come to hear that he is really one of the greats of minimal and his recent EP The Tribe is only further testament.. Drumming is just about exactly where it’s at for me right now.

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Pier Bucci ~ Arauco

15 04 2009

pierbucciPier Bucci’s Amigo EP was recently released on his newly-founded Maruca label. he has been a favourite of mine since 2005’s Familia LP..

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Plastikman ~ Risk Assessment

19 12 2008

plastikmani pulled this from the promo version of the 2008 Time Warp compilation, which is by no means a new release, but i think is worth visiting for those of you who may be less inclined to dig for somewhat rarer releases. the official Time Warp comp, mixed by DJ Rush, maintains a BPM that is a little higher than my preferred cruising velocity but i would recommend it nonetheless to fans of high-impact 4AM styles techno. anyway the present offering is about as minimal as it gets, and has a real playfulness to it while still maintaining that certain dark Richie Hawtin edge..

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Ellen Allien ~ Ondu

17 11 2008

ellenallienokay so as you may have figured i am getting right back into the minimal these days after a long time with thick and fuzzy electro.. techno is my rock though; i always return to it and feel revived. Ellen Allien has always been a princess of techno to me and last spring’s BPC release Sool delivers it in tiny irresistable packages. this is the kind of music that made the heads ever drop the vowels: this my friends is the real mnml.

DOWNLOAD Ellen Allien ~ Ondu

VISIT ellenallien.de/ and myspace.com/ellenallien

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and also check out her fashion designs at fashion.ellenallien.de/