Zander VT ~ Dig Your Own Rave

22 11 2009

bpcanother label celebrating a 10th anniversary this Fall is Ellen Allien’s BPitch Control in Germany. BPC releases records by several powerhouse producers but Zander VT is new to me, thanks to the 10 Years sampler that has been in heavy rotation the last couple of weeks. there’s something very old school house about this which is highly appealing to me lately..

DOWNLOAD Zander VT ~ Dig Your Own Rave (Removed by request.)


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Jake Fairley ~ Shapes

16 11 2009

10 years senderGerman label Sender marked their tenth anniversary a few weeks back with the release of a killer compilation from beginning to end. in fact it is one of only two releases i have been listening to since just before Halloween. (more on the other of them soon.)

i thought that Jake Fairley, like several other DJs and producers from back-in-the-day, had moved to Germany to plant roots in more fertile ground, but i may have been mistaken.. he might still be in Toronto. i’m curious about this, so if anybody knows one way or the other, drop a note in comments.

Shapes is on full automatic repeat and KILLING ME the last couple of days. the oscillator! the beat! the click! the claps! the pads! the bass! and that triple reverb dipped bit near the end? if i look up techno in the dictionary right now i’m pretty sure that this track is pictured. regardless of location roots are planted and growing and blossom thus..

DOWNLOAD Jake Fairley ~ Shapes

VISIT and and

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Swayzak ~ Mike Schmike

9 11 2009

reserieculturequick one as i have been altogether too busy to be blogging these days.. i can’t really find any information on their recent Re:Serieculture release so frankly i’m not even sure if it is legit. if it is, i so much enjoy what Swayzak is doing lately..

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DJ Hell ~ The DJ (feat. P. Diddy)

5 10 2009

hell300x300i started the draft for this track a few days before DJ Hell’s double CD Teufelswerk was released in North America last month and got so busy i pretty much forgot about it. now as it turns out there is a Beatport exclusive EP featuring some pretty dope remixes. play loud.

DOWNLOAD DJ Hell ~ The DJ (feat P. Diddy)


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Gui Boratto ~ I Feel Love

18 09 2009

i feel lovequick one today; from a new one-sided vinyl pressing on DSP Records, Brazilian producer Gui Boratto gets us with his elegant techno again.. if you haven’t already heard Take My Breath Away on Kompakt then check it out too!

DOWNLOAD Gui Boratto ~ I Feel Love


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Rodriguez Jr ~ Lila (Rodriguez Jr Bamako Mix)

14 09 2009

rodriguez-jr-tuning-07just over a year after the initial release of his Lila EP, Boxer Recordings has pressed a couple of remixes of one of the hottest tracks by one of the hottest producers these days.. this has been in super heavy rotation lately and i am entirely prepared to let it stay that way for a while.

DOWNLOAD Rodriguez Jr ~ Lila (Rodriguez Jr Bamako Mix)


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Zombie Nation ~ Worth It (Pt. 1)

13 05 2009

Tiga says that there are very few people who are both German and get the groove and though i’m not so sure about the statement in its entirety there is no doubt that Florian Senfter (AKA Zombie Nation and others) has a full complement of groove. i think Worth It constitutes the second single off his new record Zombielicious, released in March, but it might be both parts together rather than just first which i offer here.. anyway i haven’t made it that far yet because i am still just repeating the whole awesome LP. the first single, Forza, was released last fall and features some dope remixes which are also worth checking out, but this is the track that has me right now.

DOWNLOAD Zombie Nation ~ Worth It (Pt. 1)


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